What exactly is Massage Cushion and what are the benefits of Using it

Are you tired after a busy schedule week at your work or from a tensed up week, full of assignments and projects at your college? No need to suffer anymore, as there is a new small addition to the market which will help you release all the tensions of your work, relax and spend a happy weekend with your family and friends!

A massage cushion helps provide you with daily relief from pain by mimicking the gestures of a real masseuse at the back of your head. With a massage cushion’s massage, you not only get relaxed but it is also good for back pain, shoulder pain etc. Further explained are the structure, working, and some of the benefits of a massage cushion:


Talking about the design and structure of a massage cushion, you should choose what suits you best, as it comes in all shapes and sizes. Size of the cushion must be according to your head, not too large or not too small. Also, you have to take into account the portability of the machine. The massage cushions come in almost every shape.


Multiple types of massages can be given to you by a massage cushion, depending upon its shape and size. The massagers using air bags use air to inflate and deflate the bags which gently squeeze the tensed areas on your body making them relaxed in every way. While if you are looking for a deep massage, the massage cushions have introduced styles like percussion and shiatsu- Japanese massage technique. These styles are done using nodes, which assemble themselves according to the needs of the user. There is also an intensity controller, controlling the speed of the gears and motors, kneading their way through your pain.

The extra features in its working include the vibrations and infrared heating pads, which empowers our pain sensors obstructing them to send signals to the brain and making us feel relieved. You can also put up a timer, forcing the massage cushion to be automatically shut down when your massage is done.


Portability is one the most beneficial advantages a massage cushion has. Due to the busy and fast life routines, no one has any time on their hands for an appointment at a spa for a massage. With the introduction of a massage cushion you can have a massage anytime, even while going to your work in a car due to their rechargeable feature. You can also read best massage chair pad and cushion reviews 2019 before ordering them so that you can have complete details of product.

Not only is it used for tension release, but we can also use it for our shoulder pain, stiff neck, and back pain. If you have migraine, place your massage cushion under your head and its head and vibrations will make it go away, surely. Knots, anywhere in your body, can be worked up using your massage cushion.

Due to its small size and a casual design, a massage cushion can be used anywhere making it feasible for everyday use. You can take it to your office for your chair. You can also use it in your car. If you want a full body massage, however, you could invest in a massage chair.

All you need to do is to decide what kind of massage cushion you want, according to your needs and you are good to go.

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